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Location: Pigneto - Rome, Italy | Type: Single Family House | Year: 2018-

CASA ZWEI is the proposal for a single family house in Rome. The site is located in the center of Pigneto, a neighborhood which suffered much destruction during the second World War, and since then lacked a coherent urban plan, leading to a fragmented city fabric built from the ground up. In this scenario, residual spaces of the city, gaps within a historically layered fabric can be once again leveraged as the fertile future grounds of the city - thickening the infrastructure already in place. 

With this project we are posing the question of what influence a platform of vision such as Google Street View can have in articulating an urban artifact, a representation strategy to inform building postures: using Google Street View data as building matter. What are the possibilities of creating an interaction between the visual motion of discovery constructed through this immersive platform, their image acquisition processes, and an urban scenography?

The established street facade acts as much of a disruption as it camouflages itself in the collected data, and while the assembled textures from the 3D scans become substrate for drawings and built materials alike, the sectional qualities are defined by a poche’ generated from the machine’s cones of vision concealing its private interior.

Client: Private Commission

Shown at: Kent State College of Architecture & Environmental Design for our CLOUD~ING exhibition

Project Lead: Maya Alam, Daniele Profeta

Design Team: Zexi Tang, Yuexin Xue 

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