Location: Kent CAED, OH
Type: Solo exhibition
Year: 2019

Cloud~ing: (verb) to make or become less clear or transparent. Often used to refer to a state of sensory fog, clouding the awareness of oneself and of the environment.

In this show, it becomes an operative tool to inhabit the relationship between the materialities of wood, stone, steel and the digitally mediated environments of our everyday-life. Rather than focusing on acts of closure, filling in the gaps towards singular - stable figures, we work with indeterminate delineations and their various readings between digital and physical realms.

These QR codes were deployed in the space of the gallery as a way to engage with the 360 videos of the clouded space. Please navigate with the links above to access the content remotely.


Today, imaging technologies are placing points as central elements in the construction of our contemporary visual language, transforming ever-growing datasets of partial images in three dimensional machine-readable survey models: it is with points and aggregated clouds that we are constructing the figure of our cities. As such, they become a necessary site of design investigation to move beyond monolithic views of the world. 

This exhibition leverages the ephemeral bi-products of scanning technologies (point clouds and image making) to explore 3 discarded sites, across 3 basic building materials (stone, wood & metal) with 3 elemental form-making strategies (line, plane & volume). They are developed accelerating the heterogeneous, often contradictory set of evidences of their context, weaving technology and culture into new classifications of form, suggesting inclusive aesthetics to open up venues of engagement outside of a rigid disciplinary conversation.

CLOUDING is an exhibition of the latest work from A/P Practice at Kent State College of Architecture & Environmental Design.

Project Lead: Daniele Profeta and Maya Alam

with the help of Aditya Mehta, Zexi Tang, Erick Sanchez, Jonathan Bonezzi, Kyle Troyer, Ryan Lane, Aiden Crossey, Denver Curtis.

Many thanks to ‘The Image Press’ in Cicero, NY for their contribution to the prints in this show, to ‘Falso Industries’ and ‘BBD Coaters’ in Syracuse, NY for the fabrication of the metal stands and to 'PrintAWorld' in Brooklyn, NY for their 3d printing services.