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Location: Syracuse, NY

Type: Installation

Year: 2017

Status: Completed

STREET|SCAPE acts both as a reflection on the contemporary image of the city as well as a catalyst of transformation in its unfolding exchange with the surrounding context.


Art objects are often understood exclusively through the relationship that they establish with their viewer, posing the exclusive alliance between an individual subject and an isolated object as the central focus of investigation.

The public art program of Art in the Windows provides an exceptional opportunity to blur this relationship, bringing Art to the rapidly changing reality of Downtown Syracuse, and therefore stimulating an higher level of integration between the art object and its displaying context.


It is in this scenario that our STREET | SCAPE locate itself in one of the empty storefronts to establish and multiply relationships between the transforming image of Downtown Syracuse, the vacant Retail Spaces and the passers-by through its modular, multi-directional surface. A composite image of the ever evolving built-landscape of Downtown reflects both on its past as well as on its future, energizing the possibilities of what might become.

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