Location: Montpellier, France
Type: Pavilion
Year: 2015

For the tenth edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, Syracuse University commissioned us to design and construct a three-dimensional drawing in the courtyard of Hôtel Audessan, which received the festival's special mention award.

Trans(inter)ference seeks to construct an armature for a series of flickering moments of alignment — an in-between object that weaves subject, object and context into one.

The facades of Hôtel Audessan are projected through one another to become a series of labyrinthine thresholds. 


The result is a convergence of drawing and sculpture in space. While its solidity is defined by material densities and line-weights, its perception is dependent solely on one’s position, creating new relationships with the existing building.


Client: Syracuse University for the 10th edition of the  'Festival des Architecture Vives'

Project Lead: Maya Alam

Design Team: Daniele Profeta

Construction Team: Emily Greer, Waralee Kaewkoon, Thomas Byung Kim

Press: Archdaily, Archinect, Design Boom

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