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Location: Syracuse, NY | Type: Inaugural Harry the Bogosian Fellowship Project: LiDAR Materiality | Year: 2017 | Status: Completed

The project MARBLE ~ISH is as an exploration how LiDAR scanning can challenge our understanding of materiality and space.

The so called Marble room is the Syracuse University’s Architecture exhibition space and marble-ish was the final part of the inaugural Harry Der Boghosian fellowship.


While traditional scanning projects understand their output as absolute truths,

~ ish focuses on the exhibition as site for a different kind of contextualism. 

Through a variety of digital operations the installation is transformed into 
an active landscape which questions the scanner’s ability to accurately document — and thus produce — a definitive picturing of the real.


As such, the installation allows us to speculate on 
the potential of many new depictions of the real all brought together in a single, mediated space.


Supported: Syracuse University Harry the Bogosian Fellowship Fund

Exhibited: A+D Museum in Los Angeles & Syracuse University University

Presented: ACSA Conference: 107th Annual Meeting; BLACK BOX: Articulating Architecture's Core in the Post-Digital Era & UPenn Visual Studies Symposium.

Project Lead:  Maya Alam

Design Team: Daniele Profeta

​Construction Team:

Paul Yung Un Lee, Terija Lee, Sol Yoon, Raymond Guo, Andrew Juhoon Lee, Tsu Yu Lee, Birani Aran Nyanat, Kokeith Perry II, Sabrina Herbosa Reyes, Caroline Jeon, Hye Rim Shin, Katherine E. Truluck, Kamila Aime Varela, Geraldine Vargas, Dabota Opriba Wilcox

Press:  Archinect

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