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Tavolo non raso_3.jpg

Location: Florence, ITA | Type: Furniture | Year: 2023 - | Status: Custom Orders only

Tavolo Non Raso is an ongoing furniture design project that weaves local materiality with new imaging technologies, traditional with digital fabrication craft. 

The transition to object scale allowed for a closer examination of the detailed processes that occur when the digital alters the physical and the physical affects the digital. 

Tavolo non raso_1.jpg

Similar to other projects we began with a high resolution scan of an unusable subject - in this case a piece of wood that was riddled by carpenter ants.


Table Top Solid Wood

29mm thick, oiled; natural, blackened or white oak with protective oil-based finish.

Blackened Oak

Natural Oak

White Oak


Legs in 40mm extruded squared profiles; framed with 40mm angle-bars - powder-coated. 

Black powder-coated (textured)

White powder-coated (textured)


3mm thick, brushed and sealed with acrylic finish. 

Polished Brass

Polished Copper

This product is handmade. Any small irregularity or roughness is a feature of the product, not a flaw.

Tavolo non raso_2.jpg

Project Lead: Daniele Profeta / Maya Alam

with the help of Chenhao Luo

Wood and steel work by Ruben & Matilda

CnC milling by Monolith Design

All Photography shown on this page by Deep Blue Studio

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