Spatial Apparatus

Location: Syracuse, NY
Type: Digital Sculpture
Year: 2016

Spatial Apparatus was created as a submission for the Digital Sculpture competition of the Institute of Digital Art. The institute is affiliated with the Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung HfK+G in Ulm and Stuttgart. 


We experience a new paradigm shift where public and private blend into one another; with the ever-growing, multi-layered digital presence of our real-time, social networking reality, we are, more than ever, confronted with a multiplicity of media platforms that challenge both our perception of the environment we live in as well as our actual presence in it. The development of ways we observe and operate in our surroundings results in multivalent conditions and readings. This optical evolution affects our visual approach to the world as well as our conception of space. The plethora of images that floods our brains every day demands to reorganize our visual habits in order to avoid seeing a singular truth, but renegotiate interrelationships of events and entities in space and time. In order to consider alternative connections between object, observer and context, while maintaining agency in a territory that rejects inimitability, we need to challenge tropes of linguistic identity and iconicity. Instead of mourning the loss of authenticity as we know it, embracing uncertainty might become a new way of seeing. This requires a closer observation and more rigorous formalization of things without attempting to produce a holistic representation of an ordinary idea of the real.