Location: Serramazzoni, IT
Type: Research Project
Year: 2018

Funded by a research grant from Syracuse University, this project positions itself at the interface between media and architectural revitalization by focusing on one case study in the Italian rural landscape. With a bottom-up intervention this project leverages contradictory existing conditions of the site to develop inclusive proposal moving beyond ideas of preservation based on reconstructions of singular iconographic images.


The site is part of  the recent public initiative 'Valore Paese - Cammini e Percorsi' by the Italian State property office aimed to revitalize over one-hundred currently abandoned state-owned properties.

Supported by Syracuse University

Proposal for the 'Valore Paese - Cammini e Percorsi' program by the Italian State Property Office

Project Lead: Daniele Profeta, Maya Alam

Design Team: Aditya Mehta

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