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Stoà 3 is out!

Happy to have participated to the 3rd issue of Stoà magazine on Rendering: our piece It's just textures focuses on rendering and materiality across design experiments.

You can find more info here:

Rendering: in computer graphics, the conversion by means of special software of the profile of a two-dimensional image into an image with a realistic and perceptible three-dimensional appearance, thanks to the accurate calculation of the perspective and the addition of colours, lights and shadows.

A thorough examination of the effects of architectural renderings in the context of didactics and pedagogy for architectural design has not been systematically conducted so far. This is perhaps due to the short time since this tool has become commonplace in the academic setting. Although the critical scope of architectural renderings has not yet been fully grasped, the composition of images using digital

The collected essays outline – through the investigation of some current teaching practices and pedagogical experiences – the potentialities and critical points of this instrument, reflecting on how renderings can perform as signifiers.



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