A/P Practice at Kent State CAED | September 16th 2019

Casa Zwei

Location: Rome, Italy

Type: Single Family House
Year: 2019
Casa Zwei Project

Tabula Non Rasa weaves local materiality with new imaging technologies, traditional with digital fabrication craft. 

Here, transitioning to an object scale will allow for closer examination of the detailed processes that occur when the digital alters the physical and the physical affects the digital. 


Similar to other projects we began with a high resolution scan of an unusable subject - in this case a piece of wood that was riddled by carpenter ants.


CLOUDING is an exhibition of the latest work from A/P Practice at Kent State College of Architecture & Environmental Design.

Project Lead: Daniele Profeta and Maya Alam

with the help of Aditya Mehta, Zexi Tang, Erick Sanchez, Jonathan Bonezzi, Kyle Troyer, Ryan Lane, Aiden Crossey, Denver Curtis.

Many thanks to ‘The Image Press’ in Cicero, NY for their contribution to the prints in this show, to ‘Falso Industries’ and ‘BBD Coaters’ in Syracuse, NY for the fabrication of the metal stands and to 'PrintAWorld' in Brooklyn, NY for their 3d printing services.